6 Reasons Why People Love Apple iPhone X

According to Apple, the intention of realising the iPhone that is all display and its whole new integration which makes it very different from all other iPhones . It has bundled with the unbelievable new technologies.

Things you will fall in love with iPhone Xapple-091217-iphone-x

No home button –  It can be operated through gestures. There is no home button on display, a simple swipe button will take you to the home screen and any other widget or wherever you want to go. You just need to  read the guide first.


Water Resistance – Its has the polished stainless steel body which gives it a stunning glassy look along with water resistance and dust resistance feature. Apple iPhone X is water resistance upto 1 meter or less. But the bad news is Apple Iphone X warranty do not cover the liquid damage. So, do not experiment with your iPhone X..!!



Wireless Charging system –Apple  iPhone X is the only latest new generation iPhone with wireless charging system with long duration battery. It has the QI system to charge the Apple iPhone wirelessly .


Face ID– your face is you password. In the simple glace your iPhone can recognise you easily. You Iphone can recognize you even in the dark despite of your physical change. This makes your face your secure password for your Apple iPhone. so with just one look you can operate your phone.

iphone X gif

Amazing Camera quality – Its camera also enables new features by bringing emoji to a live mapping your facial muscles in real time. The  camera is also having portrait mode which will define you based on fundamental photographic principles. Both front and back camera has the portrait mode with 5 different light effects. You can add the lighting effect later to your photo. The rear camera is of 12 megapixels and the front camera is of 7 megapixels.


Great Screen Resolution –  Apple iPhone X is launched with 5.80 inches screen with great resolution of 1125 pixels by 2436 pixels. Price of iPhone X in India starting from Rs. 89,000/-


I must say you have never seen anything like this.